I was so happy when I discovered that Naomi would come and stay over with the dogs in their own home as it seemed like the perfect way to maintain their routine and enable me to go away for a few days. I found the whole experience so stress free. The dogs loved Naomi on first sight and I knew I could trust Naomi to intuit all the daily arisings of home and dogs in my absence. I returned home to two happy dogs and a warm homecoming from Naomi who inspires confidence with her gentle intelligent approach.I now know that it is possible to consider days away or trips abroad again knowing that Naomi can step and
provide all the love and care that everyone wishes for their dogs in their absence.

Marjorie Bloch – Belfast

Naomi is our Dog Walker. She comes faithfully at the same time everyday to walk our beloved Springer Spainiel called “Ella”. We knew that Ella is in very safe hands. She looks forward to seeing Naomi, who has a great bond with her. We are so very lucky.

Nicole – Jordanstown

There are many reasons that I chose Naomi to look after my beloved Labradoodles in my own home. Firstly my doggies are not disrupted bybeing moved to kennels.Their routines stay the same. Naomi ensures that their diet is maintained and has used her excellent knowledge in canine nutrition to create specific eating plans which my dogs are really happy with and it shows in their coats, eyes and vitality. Harry & Lola are the most energetic pair and need long walks everyday. Naomi takes them out twice a day regardless of the weather. They go to the beach, the park, up the mountains and I can rest assured that they
are in safe and experienced hands. Having some one stay in your home when you are not present may at first seem a little strange but it’d great to know that not only are
your dogs being taken care of but your home is also. We’d never even know Naomi had been there except from our doggies smiley faces! We would never use kennels again now that Naomi has provided her invaluable pet house sitting service. Harry & Lola would fully agree!

Lisa McBride – Belfast

Naomi has been walking Honey for some months now and I would be lost without her. She is kind, reliable and completely trustworthy which allows me to focus on work 100% and let them get on with it during the day. Honey is a lurcher cross rescue dog and has on occasion been a bit of a handful to settle down and socialise but with Naomi’s patience and resourcefulness she is coming along leaps and bounds. She has introduced Honey to the Healthy Paws food range and this has helped reduce some of the hyperactivity that she displayed before and I don’t have to mix in other ‘tasty’ foods to get her to eat it! I would have no hesitation in recommending Naomi for the work that she does and the peace of mind it gives; she is an intelligent, professional and pleasant person to have around!

Audrey Worthington – Belfast

Naomi has looked after my 3 dogs (2 lovely but tired 14yr old Miniature Schnauzers and on very active 4 yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) On several occasions. She walks my dogs early in the morning and again in the evening very much according to their needs. This has allowed me to travel out of the country knowing that thery are happy and well looked after. Prior to meeting Naomi I had always put my dogs in kennels. However now, going away and knowing the dogs routine hasn’t changed and they are still at home removes any worry, particularly for my older dogs. They definitely thrive in Naomi’s care and are glad to see her on her return. Naomi has also been attentive in giving medication and attending to any health problems that may arise. My Schnauzers had sore eyes and she bathed them daily while I was away. Following Naomi’s advise I have put my dogs onto Healthy Paws holistic dog food. This agrees with them well. My Schnauzers suffered from pancreatitis but since starting Healthy Paws they not had any further problems. I would highly recommend Naomi. We book her well in advance for every main holiday/weekend trips away.

Delia Keeling – Belfast

Coming home to find a very happy and tired dog and an organised house, makes an incrediable difference to our lives.   Naomi is reliable, trustworthy, flexible, sensible and enthusiastic.  My dog/cat/horse all adore her…….

 Dr Katherine Maclurg

Miya has been in Naomi’s capable hands on numerous occasions, and now looks forward to her next Pet Sitting visit.

Entrusting Naomi with my dog has never been an issue, as you know instantly how caring and genuine Naomi is. Thankfully Naomi has not been put of by Miya’s antics, as any Husky owner will know how demanding a breed they are.

Mark – Belfast

Holistic dog treat reviews

Brilliant products after looking everywhere in the uk, I have found the best possable product on the market at a value lower than anything I used to buy from the pet supermarket!  Now I can spend a little more on treating my lovely german shepherd dog.

Sultana Zafar  

Having tried other premium brands I have to say that the product gives consistently better results with my dogs. My Golden Retriever and Chocolate Lab are in top condition and are their own advertisement for your food. On their behalf thanks for a great product.

Ian Carrington  

My dog loves the natural treats! She is 11, but has the energy and vitality of a 4 year old, and I feel happier because I know I’m not feeding her junk, but something healthy that she enjoys.

Sylvia Groves   

My Golden Retriever suffers with a sensitive stomach, and after trying various brands of dog treats at last I have come across a range of holistic dog treats. I noticed a vast improvement in the consistency of his stools and with not as much waste and also in himself – he looks a lot healthier and happier. I would certainly recommend these products.

Jane Bellis

We are so pleased with this product. Our Springer had been causing us some concern and we had been advised to change his diet. Having been on a well known treats all his life we were sceptical but hey he is a different dog. Coat is wonderful, he is more energetic, is finally losing weight and the concerns we had have passed. Thank you so much. Can’t thank you enough! We have recommended the treats to other people who have had been having problems with their dogs and all feel the same. Brilliant! Wish we had known about this before.

Jean Paffet