One Dog – £12 per walk (£10 applies for 4+ walks per week)

Two Dogs (same household) –  £15 per walk

Three Dogs (same household) – £25 per per walk

Day Care

One Dog – £20 for half & full days Mon-Fri (£15 applies for 3+days per week)

Saturdays and Sundays for half & full days – £25

Pet Sitting

One Dog – £30 per night/day

Two Dogs – £40 per night/day

Three Dogs – £50 per night/day

One Cat – £12 per night/day

Two Cats – £20 per night/day

Three Cats – £25 per night/day

One Horse – £35 per night/day

If you have more than one pet and are planning a lengthly trip away from home I am happy to discuss a price.
Please note that mileage/the animals temperment/age/sex/health will be taken into account before a final quote can be given.