I am a Qualified Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner

Practitioners on the Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation International Register, have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the essences in professional practice.

BFRAPs work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients.

Bach Flower Essences

Dr Bach discovered the flower essences in the 1930’s. As a physician he was seeking a method of healing which would really address the reason for illness. After working as a Bacteriologist and Pathologist, he realised that bacteria were not the sole cause of disease, but that the emotional state of the patient would greatly influence each person’s prognosis. He considered the flower essences as his life’s achievement and was convinced that they would become the medicine of the future. Dr Bach wrote that “it is the patient to be treated and not the disease” (Address given at Southport, February 1931). Each person is an individual, with their own emotional outlook and stresses. Rather than give patients a diagnostic label, Dr Bach suggested that discovering how each patient feels personally should be the guide to choosing individual support when people are unwell.

The Bach flower essences work exclusively and directly on an emotional level, seeking to balance negative emotions and to empower us to support ourselves through difficult times in our lives and to help us to develop our positive strengths. The remedies are perfectly safe for all the family to take and have been used throughout the world with great success by medics, complementary health practitioners and in families.

There are 38 individual flower essences and one ready mixed combination which Dr Bach variously called the crisis mix and which is often known as Rescue Remedy. This is used for emergency help when we feel traumatised, shocked or upset. The essences can be mixed to match the emotional state of any animal needing support. It is possible to mix almost 293,000,000 different bottles of essence to suit each animal’s individual emotional state.

I can offer individual Bach flower consultations by appointment.